Engaging in therapy is a radical act of self care. You may doubt that you have the time to pursue therapy, to reduce your distress, and to improve your life, but I assure you that there's an hour in your week somewhere. Our society thrives on the need to look busy, constantly in motion, and often undermines acts of caring for oneself. Subvert the not-so-subtle messages you receive to remain in constant motion by investing in a therapy process to help you slow down, prioritize yourself, and improve your well-being. 

In our sessions together, I will listen carefully to you so that we can work together to determine how to effect change in your life. Right now you may not think this is the case, but I firmly believe that you are the expert on you. I will work with you as a guide who has knowledge that can help you get back on track, refine your understanding of yourself, and help you live a happier and healthier life. 

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